Australia: Goomeri QLD

Here in the Pumpkin Capital of Australia we’re kicking back after pitching our camper trailer in the town’s showgrounds. There’s no pumpkin festival here this Covid year nor an annual district show, so resourceful townsfolk have opened up their showgrounds to campers for a nominal fee. The leisure rigs parked here are impressive, sending a clear message that Australians are investing heavily in their great outdoors lifestyle.

A walk around Goomeri is a treat as these photos attest.

The war memorial clock is front and centre in Goomeri. No numerals just the timeworn words ‘Lest we forget’
A classic country store which is simply fabulous. Aim to spend a good hour taking in all that’s on show
Inside Goomeri Emporium
Cowgirl boots for sale
Closed during our visit, but a long look through the windows reveals a treasure trove of memorabilia

The drive from Linville to Goomeri was easy. Roads were particularly good even when shared with thundering cattle trucks in this predominately beef cattle and citrus country. The highway plays host to a number of small towns and such is the ease of road tripping, we stopped off frequently on our way to Goomeri.

Blackbutt is home to this famous bakery with its equally famous pies. Cyclists and hikers on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail make a point of visiting.

Downtown Blackbutt

Yarraman is a short 15 kms from Blackbutt. Like a lot of country towns, Yarraman boasts wide streets and classic pubs.

In Yarraman we found ourselves in the cafe below, savouring coffee and a most enjoyable talk with the owner. She and her husband have seen the demise of their service station  – the terrible flood in 2013 meant water got into the fuel tanks destroying their business. Hardy and resourceful though, they reinvented their business to incorporate a welcoming cafe and surprisingly, a trike manufacturing workshop.

A full Toyota camry motor drives this trike

Further on, we found ourselves in Nanango, a country town that was very appealing.

Outside Nanango is the rather imposing Bjelke Petersen Dam, much like the man himself when he reigned over QLD.
Near Nanango and Kingaroy are wineries like this one. Choose Thurs to Sunday to visit. Everyone’s praying for rain out here.

We’ve experienced typical August weather – blustery winds and cool temps at night. I’m donning the thermals at night and t shirts during the deep blue cloudless days. In other news, I’ve traded in my Optus connection for Telstra which works a whole lot better out here.

Next stop is Eidsvold

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