Australia: Linville QLD

I’m betting that few people reading this post have heard of Linville, a tiny town in the Brisbane Valley known for its deer (Queen Victoria’s gift to QLD in 1869), dairy and timber. This is the first stop on our 1700kms camper trailer trip from Queensland’s coastal south to the sultry north. During these unpredictable covid times with state borders firmly closed, we’re doing as we’re told and holidaying in our own state.

My husband has taken charge of this trip and those who know him well, know he loves a good pub. No surprise then that he’s an ardent convert to the FB site Country Pub Camping and elevated it to biblical proportions. The pubs listed on the site offer camping areas for free or a small charge in the hope that campers will drink and eat there. He tells me it’s a win win for all.

So here we are firmly ensconced at the Linville Pub throwing back a coldie or two, listening to a good pub band and contentedly contemplating the next few weeks road tripping around our fabulous state.

The Linville Hotel built in 1911 is a beauty. Credit must go to the owners who bought it a year ago, recognised its potential and restored it to its former glory. It’s a particularly good sign when you walk into a pub and see it heaving with people, substantial plates of food and a roaring fire out the back.

Linville lies on the Brisbane Valley rail trail which starts at Wulkuraka near Ipswich and ends at Yarraman. The trail caters for walkers, cyclists and horses. We chose a section of the trail, walking 14 kms from Linville to Moore return. It was fantastic.

Check this site for up to date info:

Brisbane River
Once a church, now a gallery cafe in Moore
Inside the Gallery

Before arriving in Linville, we stopped off at our old stomping grounds; Esk and Toogoolawah. Small in size these towns may be, but they’re big on memories given we lived here when we were younger. Both towns looked good – pretty with their flowers, swathes of colour with their cafes, galleries and weekend markets. Well worth stopping and looking around.

My husband’s father was the last station master in Esk before the line closed. Walkers and cyclists head from here to Toogoolawah
Station Master’s house. Just a memory now since it burned down several years ago.
Nice stop for coffee and cake in Esk
Oodles of good memories of this laidback dairy rich town when my family lived right here.

I can highly recommend a trip through the Brisbane Valley to Linville for those seeking a tree change holiday within a couple of hours from Brisbane. There’s plenty to see, plenty to do.

Tomorrow we head to Goomeri.

3 thoughts on “Australia: Linville QLD

  1. OMG what a combination,( Tony & Yourself. )Very informative and also educational. Keep up the narrating + delivery of what will be an exceptional experience and memories for both of you.

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