Australia: Neurum Creek QLD

Last year we threw caution to the wind and upgraded our tent to a camper trailer. We started married life with a two man tent, graduated to a two room tent to accommodate children and then downgraded to a three man tent when kids fled the coop. I relished the simplicity of camping, the laziness of it all. 

Our camper trailer still gives us that and a bit more. It’s compact, off the ground (no more wet sleeping bags) and has some welcome luxuries like a fridge. The elements are held in check thanks to an ocean of canvas that would stretch all the way to China and I get to savour my own shower and toilet (portable no less).

When friends asked us to join them for a few days at Neurum Creek Bush Retreat, we signed up pronto since we’d already heard others sing its praises.

The 312 acre property, a few kilometres from Woodford in South East Queensland was initially a dairy farm, then sold and transformed into the successful family run camping ground it is today. It’s extremely popular. And here’s why.

Stunning bush backdrops

There’s green wooded hills, loads of grassy areas, space for children to ride their bikes, a running creek to sit in and build relaxing rock pools, dogs are welcome, fires are allowed (what’s camping without a camp fire?) and during our stay, an excellent Rolling Stones Tribute Concert. Yes, Neurum Creek ticks a lot of boxes. Credit to the owners who have put much thought into creating and maintaining their bush retreat. It works … really well. More info here:

Eco friendly tank water and long drop toilets
The fig tree is the hub

Woodford is the nearest town to Neurum Creek and it boasts a couple of good pubs.

D’Aigular Hotel – friendly and comfortable
Woodford Hotel

The Woodford Folk Festival has put the small town of Woodford firmly on the festival map. Held each year at the end of December, this 6 day event is packed full to the brim with singing, dancing, food and workshops. You’re assured of a wonderful time here, whether adult or child. Camping sites are available. If you want to do it easy, camp in the back of your car. We do! Here’s a link for more info:

When those who’ve stayed before us tell us they’re returning to NCBR for their second, third … tenth time … I get it!

We’re next heading to Fraser Island. Not camping though. We’re raising our comfort level to the Kingfisher Bay Resort and I can’t wait.

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