Australia: Fraser Island QLD

Just one word is enough to sum up Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island – spectacular. This 120 km long island lies off the Queensland coast, boasts world heritage listing and throws up incredible nature at every turn. Owing to its WH listing, human numbers are deliberately kept low.

For this trip, we raised our comfort level from a camper trailer to the Kingfisher Bay Resort for five nights. Boarding the barge from River Heads, we fully expected that things would go to plan, but it was not to be. After three nights, resort management gave visitors notice that the resort would be closing. Scott Morrison’s policy to minimise social interaction because of the rapid spread of the deadly corona virus has meant many changes.

We saw a snippet of Fraser Island, but it was a glorious snippet and we are surely heading back here when life returns to normal.

We arrived on the island after a 50 minute barge ride across the Great Sandy Strait
Our room had a large balcony to take in the fresh air, natural beauty and wildlife
Sharing the pool with ducks
We had the beach to ourselves
Crystal clear water
Bush meets beach
Sunset at the Sunset bar
Soldier crabs by the thousands
Do a Google search of Fraser Island and be prepared to read lots of articles dubbing it the home of the most dangerous beach in the world. Dingoes (wild dogs), sharks, jellyfish and riptides add value to a holiday here
Message is clear; do not feed the dingoes
On the other side of the dingo fence is this fabulous view
The island is criss crossed with hiking trails
Green bottlebrush

When we return to Fraser Island, it will be in a 4 wheel drive. We’ll begin at Rainbow Beach, take the barge to the southern end of the island and spend a week driving and camping along 75 Mile Beach. We’ll finish at Kingfisher Bay Resort because in a most generous gesture, they have given us a two night voucher.

We’ve been home for a little while now, leaving the house only for groceries or a quick walk along the beach. Flights and shipping into the country are being halted, state borders are closing and people must stay in their suburb. Closures of businesses have seen unemployment skyrocket and stimulus packages introduced. Like countries the world over, the economic and human cost of this pandemic will be felt for a long time. Australia’s death rate climbed to 16 today, minute in comparison to say Italy, but the wave has not arrived here yet. We are waiting for it, dreading it and taking lessons from the rest of the world. Stay safe everyone.

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