Australia: Rainbow Beach QLD

Gotta love New Years’ resolutions. Ours was to spend a good part of 2020 seeing this sprawling Great South Land in which we live. Horrific bush fires and the call for Australians to holiday at home and inject money into the economy struck a chord. Added to this, we have a camper trailer that was spending too much time parked in the garage and not enough time parked under big shady trees in wide open spaces.

For the last four days, we’ve been camping at Rainbow Beach, two hours north of Brisbane and while we’ve had some rain (I’ll never tire of it after such a long drought), our time here was really enjoyable.

Comfy set up

Seventy two coloured mineral sands give Rainbow Beach its name – check the feature photo which I ‘borrowed’ from google! A permanent population of 1000 call this town home, and a whopping 70,000 people visit each year. Backpackers flock here since it’s an easy town to like and it’s the jumping off point for Fraser Island – the world’s largest sand island.

The local pub is popular with both locals and visitors

Carlo Sand Blow is a massive 15 hectares of sand near the township and blows sand from the beach onto the land. The sand is ever moving, will continue to encroach on the land and will eventually cover buildings. It cannot be stopped.

Trees have succumbed to the sand
At the edge of the Sand Blow
The walk to the Sand Blow is through a green forest and forms part of the 102 kms Cooloola Great Walk. Here’s a link for more info:
4 wheel drive vehicles along the beach are a common sight. They drive south to Noosa North Shore or north to Inskip Point
Catching the vehicular ferry from Inskip Point to the southern end of Fraser Island. The weather’s been a bit wild.
Good walking at Inskip Point
Ever present, ever vigilant on our Queensland beaches
A very filling breakfast
Not a lot of activity when we were here – maybe the rain was a factor. We figure we’ll return another time to witness this miracle

Tomorrow we head to Neurum Creek.

5 thoughts on “Australia: Rainbow Beach QLD

  1. I have never been there before Wendy, and after reading your blog i would now like to go and stay for a few days instead of driving past.


  2. I spent a lot of time, in my youth, at Rainbow Beach (the Rainbow Connection) as we called it in the late 70’s and Eighties. It was always so beautiful, especially the first sighting of Ocean after Tin Can Bay Road. The original pub, the illegal camping in the sand dunes, the constant sound of waves crashing. It had an atmosphere unto it’s own. It was worth the 4 hour drive from Brisbane. I recall driving into the town back in 1980, heavy dark clouds rolling in and “Cool Change” playing on the stereo. I will never forget that moment in time.

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  3. Isn’t it wonderful to take this opportunity to see more of our own country?! Super photos! We are booked to fly to Canada on June 22, then to Japan from Toronto on August 6 for 8 days. All booked and paid for! We haven’t cancelled yet! Waiting to see. If they will refund or credit our fares and accomm that would be at least be something. Keep well Wendy. Look after each other!

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