Hong Kong: Too long between visits

I first went to Hong Kong at the end of my final year of uni – a very long time ago. I was young and completely captivated by this vibrant, heady city. I returned ten years later and wondered why I’d left it so long to return. Still, it took another 20 odd years to wing my way back to this skyscraper studded city. Yet again, the bright lights, the magnificent Victoria Harbour, the endless shopping, the smick transport system and the super efficient, super polite people did not disappoint.

Most people arrive here by air and Hong Kong’s airport certainly deserves its accolades; it’s well signed and well staffed, even down to the health inspectors who randomly select people for temperature checks. Our exit was rapid. We caught the train to Kowloon and then a bus to our hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. Our end of trip hotel was exactly what we needed – a very comfortable room, good restaurants, large pool and gym and best of all; fantastic staff. We wanted to stay for a week here at the Langham. Here’s some pics of our lightning fast 2 day trip to HK where we simply walked and walked and walked.






Loved the flower arrangement at the very lovely Langham Hong Kong


Quite liked having the pool to myself


Enjoyed the views and cocktails 29 floors high up at Aqua. Laser light show at night.


Going to stay here one day …or at least come for high tea.


Verdict: Definitely going back and for longer. Each visit feels like I just touch the tip of the HK iceberg.

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