Sicily: Cefalu

This gorgeous northern seaside town is our final destination in Sicily, deliberately chosen so we can recharge the batteries, wind down from the driving and hit the beach. Just 80 kms east from Palermo Airport, it means a short drive when we wing our way back to Australia.

Besides having a great beach, Cefalu has a really interesting and lively old town. I’ll let the pics do the walking and the talking …

Spritiz time again

There was much to like about Sicily and two weeks here certainly gave us a good intro to an island where people think of themselves first as Sicilians and then as Italians. As we learnt, Sicilians’ relationship to Italianness is at times, a little uncertain. Anyway, we certainly lapped up the culture, religion, food, wine and … driving habits of these proud people.

Next, we’ll have a stop over for a few days in Hong Kong to break up the long flight to the Land Down Under.

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