Canada: Quebec Province

My rather pathetique French is being sorely tested as we drive around the large province of Quebec. We didn’t realise just how strongly the French have held onto their language in this very scenic part of Canada.

Here, all students must attend French school if they have French parents. This is a given. There is also an unspoken but palpable reservation towards anything or anyone British – interesting considering the wars between both sides were fought long ago in the 1700s.

Driving around Quebec Province was delightful. Just outside Quebec City are the beautiful Montmorency Falls which are 30 metres higher than Niagara Falls and gush out into the St Lawrence River. There’s a foot bridge which is suspended over the top of the falls and even a zipline for the brave.


A bonus is that on the other side of the suspension bridge, you can walk down to the waters and feel the spray.

North of Quebec City is the Charlevoix region, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve which means unnecessary development is prevented. Pleasant, small towns are the order of the day in this region. We stopped in a couple to take these photos.

P1130053 - Copy



The town of Baie St Paul gets recognition because it’s an artists’ retreat. Art galleries line the main street as well as cafes and the obligatory Catholic church.



La Malbaie was where we pulled up stumps for the night, choosing a nice little BNB in the main street set amongst cafes and restaurants.


This hit the spot after a long day’s drive – onion soup and pina colada – a little bit of France, a little bit of Puerto Rico

Pushing further north, we car ferried to Tadoussac. Tourists are drawn here for the whale watching boat tours. The gorge scenery is beautiful.




Carleton-sur-Mer on the Baie-des-Chaleurs proved a good stop for a night. It’s on the Gaspesien Peninsula and I wish we’d had time to really explore this area. Our hotel room looked out over the bay. A fairly new boardwalk has been built along the water’s edge which took us into town to this great cafe and boulangerie.


The weather as you can see from my pics is a bit hit and miss. It’s cold and there’s light rain. It’s 2 coat weather.

My next blog will come to you from Prince of Edward Island – Anne of Green Gables territory- staying put there for 4 days in a cottage by the sea – can’t wait – need to get off the road and feel the earth beneath my feet! Need to walk and cycle and find a laundry.

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