Canada: Okanagan Valley and Revelstoke

My Lonely Planet guide describes Okanagan as Canada’s Napa Valley. I’ve not been to Napa Valley, but those I know who’ve been there describe it in glowing terms. I really enjoyed Okanagan which is a long valley stretching 180 kms and dominated by large lakes.

Grapes grow well here and of course, wineries are plentiful. The emphasis throughout the valley is on producing organic produce and products. The friendly barman at Sun Peaks gave us good advice when he told us to visit Summerhill Winery at Kelowna. Their wines are very drinkable since bottles are aged inside a pyramid because the owner believes the energy makes the wine taste better. We certainly felt the energy and purchased a couple of bottles of Organic Baco Noir, a red wine with a distinct smoky taste.

This is me and I’m freezing, but ever so determined to enjoy a good red outdoors with views over the lake. The winery supplies blankets.

From Okanagan, we travelled north to Revelstoke and so began a few days exploring the Rockies. This part of British Columbia has experienced constant rain for 4 months and the mountains are waterlogged.

Add to that, huge volumes of melting snow and ice because of the warmer temperatures and the end result is anything but pretty. Mud slides are frequent at the moment and roads are constantly being closed. We had two lengthy stops and a detour today while roads were cleared. Driving conditions were very foggy at times, but cleared further down the track.


We thoroughly enjoyed coffee with a few locals at this roadside cafe. Their pursuit of the outdoors in all sorts of weather, is insatiable.

The town of Revelstoke is picturesque and dominated by massive snow caped mountains which offer challenging ski runs. The town centre flaunts heritage buildings and friendly locals.


Tomorrow we are heading to Jasper. Fingers crossed the roads are open.

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