Canada: Vancouver to Sun Peaks

Vancouver turned on some dismal weather for our last day, so we hightailed out of there in the rental car, thanking our Navman a million times over for an easy exit. In the pic below, we are driving on Vancouver’s famed Lions Gate Bridge, a mini version of San Fran’s Golden Gate.


The rain cleared as we headed west on Highway 1 and we were rewarded with some stunning scenery.


A series of 7 tunnels took us through Fraser Canyon.


The rail line follows the Fraser River. Plenty of very lengthy freight trains transport wheat, canola, corn and other grains from the prairie areas of western Canada to USA and Mexico. Passenger trains also run along this route.


Canyon country


Nearly thereP1110799

Sun Peaks Resort, 50 kms north east of Kamloops was our base for 2 nights.  It’s a popular ski village for Aussies and Canadians. The busy ski season is over and the equally busy summer season of downhill mountain bike riding and golf starts in earnest in about 2 weeks. In between seasons, accommodation is plentiful and rates, very reasonable. There is still snow, but it is rapidly melting and in places, green grass is making a comeback. Some restaurants and shops are closed and people are few and far between. It was an incredibly relaxing place and we thoroughly enjoyed the walks, the food and the wine. Thanks Tahitichicks for the great recommendation.



Loved this hot tub, but with the water temp set at 40 degrees on a 25 degree day, there was no lingering.


Tomorrow, we are on the road again, headed for Okanagan because I’ve acquired a taste for the red wines which are produced there. Will let you know how it goes.

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