London: A Tale of Two Emotions

I’m sure Charles Dickens would have given me free licence to borrow some of his famous words for the title of this blog. When we flew into London City Airport -(an experience in itself thanks to an almost vertical descent in full brace position), I knew we would struggle with London, yet also be captivated. And struggle we did as we paid our respects to those who died horrific deaths on London Bridge and in Borough Markets. All pointless, but in particular, the deaths of our two Aussie girls, one a nurse and the other a nanny tugged at the heartstrings. These good, kind, selfless girls shuffled off their mortal coils far too early leaving the rest of us to fathom the depths of hatred that fuel such vicious acts.


The other emotion in being in the UK capital is quite obviously awe. Awe that London offers so much. This was my maiden trip to London and I cannot believe I left it so long to visit. The weather was our friend for our brief three day stay; the skies were blue most of the time, the sun warm.

Our lodgings were in Bankside in a quirky hotel called Citizen M. The concept of their three London hotels works well. The colourful ground floor houses a rather large bar as well as comfy lounges. Bookcases line the walls with reading material galore (newspapers, novels and magazines) and we found it a great place to return after a full day out. We were also very taken with our spacious room and its huge bathroom. We thanked the staff profusely until we realised that the myriad of devices attached to the walls meant we had been given the disabled room. Sometimes age can be a good thing!


We found it easy to explore London on foot, walking miles and miles. I confess that we did not use the tube once. But when we return we will ‘tube it’, see plays at The Globe and West End, visit Liberty and do a million other things. Will leave you with these pics of my London visit – albeit a bit touristy.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
Big Ben and Parliament House
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London Eye
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Cleopatra’s Needle 1450BC – transported from Egypt in 1877
West End with all its theatres and vibe
Admiralty Arch near Trafalgar Square built in 1912
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Nelson’s Column Trafalgar Square
UK PM nerve centre
St Paul’s Cathedral
Buckingham Palace
Feeling right at home – London Pub #1
London Pub #2
London Pub #3
Can’t resist a Thames River book sale
Chelsea- good walking around this leafy suburb
Harrod’s – beautiful inside and out. The food hall is pretty amazing as is Harrods Tea Room
Piccadily Circus
Beautiful Hyde Park
Laidback St James Park

Did a lightning quick trip to historic Southampton from Waterloo Station confirming that London makes a good base for day trips outside the city.

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See you London. Now heading off to Malta.

3 thoughts on “London: A Tale of Two Emotions

  1. Wow you two certainly covered some ground in just 3 days
    Cant believe its your first visit..its one of my favorite cities,
    rocked by all the horror its seen in the last few days and weeks
    it still is and always will be LOVELY LONDON

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful photos I was there back in 1985 sure looks a lot prettier now than then. You won’t want to come home your souls will be flying with the adventure wonder lust. So good to see.


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