Canada: Montreal

Whenever I think of Montreal, I think of the 1976 Olympics when Stephen Holland was tipped to bring gold home to Australia in the 1500m freestyle event. The nation ground to a stop for the race and when Holland placed third, there was a collective gasp of disbelief. Funny the memories you dredge up when you arrive in a new city.

After dropping off our hire car at the airport, we taxied into Old Montreal where I had booked an apartment so that we could spread out, veg out and take it easy for 3 days. When the taxi driver told us that the trip would be longer than usual because Barack Obama was in town to deliver a speech in about an hour in a building close to our apartment, I perked up. The crowds near our apartment were large and growing as Canadians secured prime spots to view Obama; police security was intense. We didn’t see Obama but heard that tickets to his presentation had sold out in just 15 minutes.

Old Montreal is lovely and there were many moments when we felt like we were enmeshed in a mini Parisian bubble. French language is heard and seen everywhere, buildings have that Francais look and the food is well…tres bon. These pics will whet your appetite to travel here.

The interior of the Notre Dame Basilica is jaw droppingly beautiful. No expense spared.



Out and about in Old Montreal








A friendly Aussie hello to the Canadian boys in blue.


Out and about in neighbourhoods outside Old Montreal


Tony finally did it – ate poutines that is – the renowned Canadian dish of fries, gravy, cheese and whatever topping you want. His topping choice: steak and onions.


One thought on “Canada: Montreal

  1. Yum yum yum, your salad Wendy not the goop Tony ate. What a pretty place. It looks as good as I had hoped it would. Enjoy your rest before the next adventure. ❤

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