Canada: Ottawa

Canada’s capital city turned on some hot weather during our stay with temps in the mid 20s so it was good to spend time walking in the sunshine catching up on some much needed Vitamin D.

Ottawa has some excellent sightseeing. There’s Parliament House with its Peace Tower and Eternal Flame, Rideau Canal, Notre-Dam Cathedral, By Ward Market, several good museums and an art gallery.

We arrived at a very busy Parliament House with many tourists patiently lined up for Question Time in the public gallery. Apparently, Canada’s Question Time equates to Australia’s with its Dorothy Dix type tactics. We didn’t line up, but it would’ve been good to see Justin Trudeau.




The Rideau Canal, built in 1832 is interesting. Two hundred kms long, it links Ottawa to the town of Kingston. It was built for military and commercial reasons but today it is used by pleasure seeking boaters who travel down the lakes and locks that make up the canal. In winter, the waters of the canal freeze solid and the canal becomes the world’s longest skating rink at a whopping 7.8 kms. I’ve borrowed a pic to show you how the canal is transformed in winter. The beautiful Fairmont Chateau Laurier is in the background.




Notre Dame Cathedral below is spectacular with its lofty heights and stained glass windows.




National Art Gallery – with the welcoming spider


By Ward Markets



Enjoying a quiet coffee


4 thoughts on “Canada: Ottawa

  1. Wow the catherdral ceiling w
    Is stunning and the tulips…Canada looks so pretty …must put it on the bucket list..
    Still no pics of the Clarks …how about some selfies

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