Australia: Foxbar Falls QLD

It’s a bit beautiful out here at Foxbar Falls. Just a short 10 minute drive from Stanthorpe on the road to Amiens is where you’ll find this very pleasant, very enjoyable camp.

Foxbar started life as a farm in 1920 at a time when the government was gifting 5 acre blocks to servicemen recently returned from the battlefields of Europe.

The Harslett family gladly took their parcel of land, christened it Foxbar and set about felling trees, building a hut and planting fruit trees. Today, the family farm is still a working farm, although the fruit trees have been usurped by vegetables.

Blessed with lakes, waterfalls and good hiking, Foxbar opened to campers in 2018.

Easy camping
View across the lake to our camper
Granite and water make for good pics
Foxbar Falls
Baulked at the last sheer vertical 50m of the 700m climb to the top of Mt Ferguson. Lily livered I am.
Redeemed myself and climbed Sow and Pigs Rock for this view
Bush camping at its best
Foxbar’s own cab shiraz goes well with …
Nice way to end the day

On the way to Foxbar Falls is this treasure. Definitely worth calling in to get a sense of the area’s history and an explanation of WWI French battlefield names for the villages that dot the outskirts of Stanthorpe.

I’ve blogged previously about Stanthorpe Australia: Stanthorpe QLD and its very buoyant wine industry. Lots of excellent wineries are here. Time for just one this trip. Balancing Heart with its excellent range of whites and reds accompanied by hearty platters and pizzas was a definite winner.

So ends our few days of Foxbar camping, hiking, drinking and eating well. And so ends also, our month long trip to Broken Hill and back. It’s sure been liberating out on the open road with miles and miles of space.

Time now to head home and face some bracing early winter temps of 8C nights and 21 C days.

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