Australia: Newcastle NSW

We’re in Newy, having a beer at the Washy in Stocko. It doesn’t take long to get some local lingo down pat in this easy going city that’s garnered my vote as the most underrated place I’ve visited. Newcastle (pop’n 167,000) well and truly flies under the radar and I kick myself that on previous trips, I’ve only ever skirted around the edge, enroute elsewhere.

What I expected was a city heavy on industry (after all this was BHPs coal and steel works nerve centre), and light on interesting sights for tourists. What I got was a city that’s steeped in history, embedded in classic architecture, parading its beaches, pubs, cafes and restaurants in never ending style. Newcastle’s courtship with coal hasn’t lessened, but the ground has certainly shifted.

After four days and ten times that number of kms walking and soaking up this very liveable city, I get why people gravitate here and end up staying. Here’s my Newy photo gallery.

Found a great river

Hunter River views of a harbour that’s deep and wide
Afternoon drinks while watching the passing parade of boats
Birdseye views of huge coal ships chugging up and down the river

Found these beaches

Nobbies Beach
Newcastle Beach with its beach pool and art deco life saving club
Easy walking along Newcastle’s beaches
Bogey Hole carved out by convicts for the personal use of the military commander in 1819
Timely ANZAC Memorial Walk this April day along the cliffs at Strezelecki Lookout

Found these buildings

Post Office on right is being restored  – twill be grand
Awed by Newcastle’s architecture
Tyrell House, named after the first bishop of Newcastle. The building served as offices for the Anglican diocese.
Bond store built in 1888 was used as a warehouse for imported goods
Every time you turn around, there’s another gorgeous setting
Railway Station – non-operational, but beautifully restored
Anglican Cathedral – on top of the hill
Not to be outdone, here’s the Baptists’ effort
Fabulous skyline

Found Darby Street with its mix of cafes and shops.

The Etna on Darby St – seriously authentic Sicilian – think liberal doses of chilli and garlic on fettuccine

Found Scratchley Fort, built in 1882 to address security concerns from USA, Russia and European powers. Today, the fort is a treasure trove of great information with the added bonus of stunning views over Nobbies Beach.

Boom – clicked at the right time

Found these houses

Beautiful terraces
Stately homes amongst stately trees

Found a couple of good friends, had a lovely dinner and some excellent Hunter Valley wines. Hunter vineyards are just 50 mins away.

Found a great caravan park called NRMA Stockton. Stockton is a two minute ferry ride from Newcastle centre. It’s a suburb worth wandering for its cute houses, three pubs and popular playground for kids.

One of 3 pubs in Stockton. We drank at all of them of course!

Found out that Newcastle suits us to a tee, so will be back!!!!

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