Australia: Iluka/Yamba NSW

Last month we became the proud owners of a wine cellar. While that sounds rather grand, the reality is that we took one narrow wall of a rather unkempt, nondescript storage area under the stairs and lined it with rows of wine racks. Empty racks that is, so for this camper trailer trip, we’re headed south on a mission to bring back some cracking wines from the Hunter Valley.

Time is on our side, so like those who’ve gone before us, we have every intention of soaking up the sights as we drive through northern and central NSW. The border between Queensland and NSW is open, but since things can fall apart quickly,  we’ll stay alert, adjust our plans and embrace this new normal that is part and parcel of covid travel.

Iluka is where we’ve set up for our first stop. Blessed with beaches, the mighty Clarence River, a heritage listed rainforest and 30 minutes from popular Yamba, Iluka made for an excellent stay.

Main Beach Iluka
Heritage listed and an easy Grade 2 walk to the beach in the pic below
After a good long walk, we kicked back at the Sedges Reef Hotel, a pub in a fabulous location but crying out for a reno.
Pub crawls are mandatory when travelling with my husband, so we enjoyed afternoon drinks at Yamba’s iconic Pacific Hotel. Perched high on a hill overlooking the ocean, this 1934 hotel did not disappoint.
View from Pacific Hotel
Turner Beach Yamba
Angourie Blue Pool, 5kms from Yamba
Rock pools at Angourie – perfect for wading at low tide. Surfing at Angourie is for the brave-the ‘life and death’ rock shelf says it all.

Iluka has a population of 1700 and Yamba, 6000, so there’s plenty of caravan parks, cafes, shops, clubs on tap. We found it very easy camping here.

Next stop: Hat Head

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