This is Australia: Yeppoon QLD

No longer the sleepy seaside town I remember from years ago, Yeppoon has transformed and emerged as a bouncy holiday destination. There’s definitely been loads of thought by town planners to get the right combination happening. The beachside is refreshingly devoid of buildings; instead it’s awash with lush landscaping, playgrounds, a long beach and a fabulous half acre lagoon pool (see feature photo). An interesting blend of cafes and shops lures people away from the beach.

Yeppoon Beach
Downtown Yeppoon
Should have these chairs at all beaches
Cafe Yeppoon
Busy Yeppoon
Wall mural
View from Wreck Point Lookout

In Yeppoon, we stayed at Emu Park which is well set up with everything a traveller needs: a good beach, friendly cafes, a mix of shopping and a good pub.

Emu Park Beach

Great Keppel Island is a 30 minute ferry ride from Yeppoon.

Rosslyn Bay – the fast ferry to GKI leaves from here
Fast ferry

The island’s beaches are stunning, the water crystal clear and the Hideaway Cafe creates a damn fine cocktail.

Arriving at GKI – the sand is powdery white
Water is Clear and clean
The only bar/cafe on the island
2 km hike to Long Beach
Long Beach – a long time favourite

There is accommodation on the island – camping, basic beach huts as well as a smattering of houses to rent. Supplies need to be brought in. The resort from the ‘Get wrecked on GKI’ days, has long been closed.

We arrived in Yeppoon from Mackay, dropping into the tiny town of St Lawrence along the way. Three hundred and ninety people call this seaside town home.

St Lawrence pub
Fossey General store – once a cinema
Coastline St Lawrence

Further along the track we stopped in at Marlborough. Those who have driven the dreaded Marlborough stretch which seems to be never ending, know how important it is to break up the trip. Over drinks at the pub, the locals were clearly proud of their town. With a pool, school and envious laidback lifestyle, they’re hands down winners in the country living stakes.

Marlborough Hotel

Yeppoon is 30 mins drive east of Rockhampton, a regional city that’s well served by a domestic airport.

Next stop: Monto

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