Iran to Russia to Baltic – beyond excited

Nothing compares to that high you experience when you arrive in a place unlike anywhere you’ve been before. It’s the unfamiliar, the completely different; it’s an adrenaline rush of the very best kind and I hope it keeps kicking in for a long time yet.

This year my travel stars have well and truly aligned and this is one trip I can’t wait to get into. First up, we’re in Iran for a month, grateful that for now, Aussies can travel its length and breadth independently. We have our visas and we have cash. Since Iran is off the international banking grid, there is no access to ATMs and credit cards. I have the mandatory headscarf, long sleeves and jeans. My hubby has the non mandatory beard. We’re OK with the alcohol ban, but uncertain how we’ll go with the ban on social media. Hopefully, our VPN works and I can show you our travels.

All we need do on arrival is immerse ourselves in all the good stuff that makes this once powerful Persian empire such a travel magnet. Iran’s history, culture, people, sights, sounds and tastes have got to be an equation that adds up to something pretty special.

After Iran, we’ll make our way north into Armenia and Georgia, ex Russian states with more fabulous history. A flight into Russia will allow us to soak up the sights of Moscow and St Petersburg. Next, we’ll mosey through the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; compact countries for sure, but each unique in their own way. Our final destination is Crete, a short flight from Vilnius and the perfect Greek island to indulge in a bit more history and a whole lot of relaxation.

I’ll be blogging along the way so you can see what we’re seeing. Hope you enjoy the read.

7 thoughts on “Iran to Russia to Baltic – beyond excited

  1. I am in awe in your ability to travel outside the boundaries or should that be boarders
    Can’t wait to read more
    May Allah insipre you


  2. Lucky people. Safe travels, keep us updated. I will be there soon in georgia for wine and vodka. Have got a taste of wine with Vika now so look out georgian wines

    Liked by 1 person

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