Sicily: Taormina

Taormina is quite spectacular, perched as it is on the side of a mountain with fantastic views to the sea. Cruise ships berth here and tourists flock to shore for all the obvious reasons; the mix of sand and pebble beaches offer blue and crystal clear water, the scenery is drop dead gorgeous, a myriad of restaurants serve delicious food and drinks, it’s within spitting distance from the notorious Mt Etna which is still smoking away, and the perfectly positioned third century Teatro Greco is awesome. The teatro was being set up for Eddie Vedder’s concert during our stay.







This is our drive to Mt Etna. The soil is black, the tourists and tourist buses are aplenty. But… there’s some good walks.


On the way down from Mt Etna, we visited the little town of Nicolosi for lunch. The salads were incredible: delicious, creamy bocconcini.


Will miss waking up to this view…


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