Frankfurt Germany

This city was our last port of call on our December Christmas Market trip, thrown into the itinerary as a departure point for Singapore and then home to Australia. Hence, I allocated just two days and now, I am kicking myself. This German economic powerhouse sometimes called ‘Bankfurt’ plays host to banking and telecommunications giants, is an artistic centre and successfully showcases Germany as a modern, cutting edge country. One in three people in Frankfurt are non German, so it heaves with a cosmopolitan energy unlike other German places we’ve visited. Should’ve stayed longer.

There is an old town, albeit quite small where dark brown brick dominates. It’s a reconstruction since the original was bombed in WWII. Goethe’s House is here and I should have visited, admirer as I am of ‘Faust’. The world’s best Natural History Museum is here as is the Stadel Museum (full to the brim with art works) and seven other museums. It pains me to say I didn’t see any of them. So that, in a nutshell, is why I’ll be returning to Frankfurt.







Loads of nice cafes

I’m now back in Oz; my ‘pretty’ trip has ended. There’s not too much that’s pretty here in Australia unfortunately. It’s decidedly gritty. The bushfires are burning everything in their paths; the land (16 million hectares), the animals (half a billion), the buildings (2500) and people (27 dead). Things are falling apart. It’s time for me to chew the cud, consider the next few months, lend a helping hand – privileged as I am not to have been in disaster’s path.

Until our next trip, Auf Wiedersehen.

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