Munich – Christmas markets and more

I really like warm weather. In fact at this time of the year, I’m mostly found on a beach beneath a clear blue sky sweating away in temps of 30 plus. I don’t ski or toboggan or do any of those winter sports. A northern hemisphere winter has never on my bucket list. But it has been on my husband’s for a very long time and as we’ve just celebrated a milestone wedding anniversary (and given I’d like to celebrate a few more with him), it’s in my best interests to embrace the freezing cold with all the mulled wine, log fires, apple strudel and Christmas markets that’s thrown my way. This bloke of mine has never once said no to any of my holiday ideas and some of my travel destinations have raised eyebrows. So, here I am soaking up a bunch of chilly delights on the other side of the world.

My backpack (I bought an Osprey and highly recommend) is full to the brim with thick socks, coats, layers of thermals and boots. For this shorts and t shirt girl, I feel heavy. But the challenge will be to stay warm throughout December in Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Nuremberg, Rothenberg ob der Tauber, Fussen, Strasbourg and Frankfurt.

We touched down in Munich courtesy of Singapore Airlines and in double quick time found ourselves out and about in this very walkable city. Rick Steve’s Germany 2019 guide with walks around Munich’s sights was worth its weight in gold. Munich was rebuilt after World War II and many buildings have been nicely restored to their traditional Bavarian form.

I’ll leave you with these pics.

New Town Hall in Marienplatz with its famous glockenspiel and gothic features. Fabulous Christmas markets are found here as well as cafes and shops.
View over Marienplatz from New Town Hall Tower
Christmas markets galore
The smell of cinnamon, star anise and cloves hangs heavy in the air
Viktualienmarkt – a fabulous open air market
Platzll Karree – worth having a drink at their fabulous bar
Loads of wonderful cafes all decked out in the Christmas spirit


Haufbrauhaus Beer Hall
National Theatre
Theatinerkirche – the burial ground for many Bavarian rulers including 49 members of the Wittelsbach family
The Residenz was the home of Bavarian royalty from 1508 to 1918. The Hall of Antiquities above is breathtaking. Buy the combined ticket which includes entry to the palace, treasury, museum and theatre.
One of the many royal apartments.
Ancestral Gallery
The grotto made from thousands of shells
Crown in the Residenz Treasury
Statue of St George 1599 – a very precious piece in the Residenz Museum
Court Chapel
The beautifully restored Cuvillies Theatre is part of The Residenz
Christmas markets near Residenz
Bliss it is when I curl my fingers around a good glass of German wine. The dumplings, sauerkraut, pork and obligatory pretzel were delicious.

We enjoyed Munich very much and especially enjoyed the surprisingly comfortable day time temps of 7 degrees.

Munich’s cosy weather jars cruelly with the horror unfolding in my own country Australia. An explosive summer is well and truly underway. Temperatures are in the 40s (celsius that is) and fires are raging out of control. Homes, stock, agriculture, towns and lives have been destroyed, smoke has engulfed cities and extended across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand.  Experts are predicting this will be the pattern for several more months. This photo tugs at the heartstrings – our tireless volunteer rural firefighters working around the clock rescuing, always rescuing.


Tomorrow we bus to Salzburg in Austria.